“Dignity in Silence”

13 May

As I get older the more I appreciate the concept of playing my cards closer to my chest.

Diana (yeah that Diana who used to be a princess) once said that she realized the ultimate dignity that comes with silence. She was of course hounded by the press and under constant public scrutiny, but I think we can all take this lesson that she learned so tragically and use it in our own daily givings.

Isn’t it always beeter to keep your mouth shut than to say anything at all? Can you remember a time when you said something a wished immediately you could take it back? We have all found ourselves with our foot in our mouths and it is a very difficult task to not say anything over giving our personal opinion on everything. But from the workplace to friends, to family fueds I think less is definitely more.

People cannot come to the same conclusions and spread the same rumors if they have nothing to call you out on. If you think about it people just run their mouths and bury their own graves (ahmmm Charlie Sheen is a prime example). Oftentimes, what is said cannot be taken back and can do permanent damage not only to the individual situation, but also to one’s reputation.

Ultimately, there comes real respect when you don’t say anything at all, and more likely than not it is smarter to not get on the train at all and thank your lucky stars later that you weren’t in the wreck to begin with.


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