Two and a Half Men’s Rock Bottom Just Got Rockier

19 May


Ok call me crazy, but now that this Two and Half Men debacle is simmering down, I have to ask why?!?!

Why was there a need to continue the show in the first place? Was this not an option?? Honestly, it seems like the BEST option.

Instead the creators have decided to continue the (neverending) funeral march by hiring Ashton Kutcher to replace Charlie Sheen?? Oh wait, just kidding. WE ALL JUST GOT PUNK’D!!

I wish this was a punk.

The only good thing about Ashton being hired for the job is that it shut-up Charlie Sheen… for now.

Just because Ashton’s married to a cougar that is in the same age category as Charlie’s character, doesn’t mean his presence on the show is going to make ANY sense (I have a feeling he’s cashing in until the checks stop coming and then going back to his flailing romantic comedy career).

In case you have been living under a rock for the past several months and need a recap, basically what happened is Charlie Sheen had a complete public meltdown, there was lot’s of bad press, lot’s of he said/ she said, LOTS of bashing, more meltdowns, goddesses everywhere, one “Torpedo of (stupidity) Truth” tour (thank God for that…), and I think a complete evolution in the Twitter world. So why is there a need to continue the debauchery? All I can figure is because “why not??”

Has Chuck Lorre not had a bad enough year press-wise that he’s decided to sign on Ashton Kutcher to completely drive his show into the ground (it’s already in the ground it’s like they are trying to dig through to the core of the Earth and then continue through to other side… like it’s gonna be better there… FYI you’re still on the Earth and in the ground)?

Why can’t Hollywood and especially TV just know when to fold? If this was a game of Texas Hold’ Em, Two and a Half Men’s quality of material at the present moment is a pair of two’s, a seven, a ten, and a four up against a flush and the pot is in the millions, maybe billions.

There is a lot to lose, just stop the madness and for the love of God, stop making it worse.

AND Ashton Kutcher nice work on hopping aboard the crazy train whilst in full speed. Good luck getting off… but at least you’ll be rich when it crashes. 😉


One Response to “Two and a Half Men’s Rock Bottom Just Got Rockier”

  1. emeraldarcher May 19, 2011 at 4:56 PM #

    Chuck Lorre has had a bad year? Shoot, I’d kill to have his bad year.

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