Penis’ Can Have Really Bad Taste

20 May

Arnold's Love Child and Mistress.

So now Arnold Schwarzenegger has been thrown into the mix amongst other famed cheaters such as Tiger Woods and Jesse James.

First off, I think its amazing how Hollywood and the press are straddling these “outs”. It seems like every six months when there is a lull in activity a secret affair comes out that ensues a flutter of shutter bugs and press whilst mistresses and illegitimate children start crawling out of the woodwork at an even pace. Hopefully, if anything, these timed flurries of activity are helping to boost our economy. Although, I don’t know how many mistress careers can keep being generated… at the current rate its looking good…as well as for Gloria Allred’s future clientele.  

Honestly, is there any hope for monogamy anymore? I was talking to a co-worker and really it comes down to it penis’ have really bad taste, and the proof shows, they will go anywhere that will let them.

If you look at these mens’ wives and then who they are slumming it with, it doesn’t make sense. Why jeapardize a whole life that years have been spent on to build, and watch it crumble in the midst of one or two (or twenty) easy women?? Is it a way out of a bad marriage? Is it like a black out of senses? Is it really an addiction? These men may not have the self-control needed to be faithful, but are they even thinking it through and regarding the consequences?

And as women is there really anything we can do to stop it? Talk about The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock and Maria Shriver were completely blindsided and thrust into the public eye for being a victim when perhaps all they were guilty of was hard work and faithfulness in their marriages (as far as anyone on the outside can tell).

It seems like a complete luck of the draw, that whoever we choose for “death do us part” decides he CAN keep it in his pants and has the conviction to follow through. However, those chances seem to be getting slimmer as divorce rates get higher and cheating becomes the norm.

Should we just throw our hands in the air and avoid it altogether or cross our fingers and cross that bridge when we get there?


One Response to “Penis’ Can Have Really Bad Taste”

  1. Erin May 20, 2011 at 12:52 PM #

    I was totally thinking the same thing. SUCH BAD TASTE. These are all really beautiful grounded women. But – so far, at least none of them have gone back to those dirt bags.


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