Oprah Finale Recap…Could we have skipped the past 24 years and 364 days?

25 May

On Oprah’s finale women across America shed more than a tear for their leader. Oh geez… people follow way too much… myself included. How about that “Change” America??  I voted for him too!

But I will say that Oprah summarized some of life’s most important and appreciative lessons that no matter your hormone level, addiction, number of children, reading conundrum, or decorating dilemma that you may have had over the past 25 years, what she said in that last hour can be applied.

Oprah discussed doing what you love and when you have the passion in doing your love to its fullest, then you are truly serving the world and that this world is too concerned with fame. Ahmmmm WORLD do YOU feel served?? Well you should… I am providing abundant opinions and posts and a fabulous sense of humor 😉

Oprah at this point I would settle for a paycheck…much less fame haha just kidding…Perhaps a job on your new network or is O magazine still a viable option?? Hint. Hint. BTW I can move in….10 minutes?? 😉

I’m getting off track begging for employment… What I was getting at is that I love what I am doing and wouldn’t trade finding that passion in something for a vintage Dior (ya, that’s not true) but I also think it takes skill to parlay that “service” into being able to put dinner on the table. Passion may not be a privilege that everyone has in this world, but I hope that everyone can find at least a piece of that drive in their own lives to give them a taste of adrenaline and fulfillment… And find something to say that means something to someone… anyone!

Oprah went on to say that your life is YOUR life. There is no one to blame but yourself…And thinking about that, it is so true. Coming from broken homes or abuse or dysfunctional relationships or a flailing economy, they don’t define you, but they sure as hell shape you. However, when you take that plunge into self deprecation and self pity, that is the moment when you lose yourself and have let those “bad” things define you. It’s taken me 25 years, but I can see the good in some of the worst things that have happened to me. I’ve learned more about myself from them and the more flaws I have, perhaps it is true, the more character that comes with it. (How cliche.) And what we put up with after we find that power within ourselves… that’s what portrays our true character. You get what you will take and put up with.

So Oprah here is MY Newton’s third law… here is my action waiting for a reaction. Who knows maybe she is right. Maybe EVERYTHING we do comes back and our individual energy that is put out there ALWAYS comes back. Like they say Karma is a bitch.

In the summarized words of Oprah, Your life is speaking to you, go live it!

P.S. Oprah’s stylist and L’Wren Scott: NICE slimming, beautiful dress you put on the big O to help her go out with class!


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