Kim Kardashian Engagement = Rediculous Taken to a 20.5 Carat Level

26 May

I know entirely too much about this topic and it just happened yesterday. Kim Kardashian is getting married. Her ring cost over 2 million. Her future wedding is being compared to Kate Middleton’s with Prince William. Her fiance spells his name the same as her mom, and the siblings in his own family all have names that start with K.

Where do I start.

First off 2 million?!?!?  The ring is merely a 20.5 carat piece of work by Lorraine Schwartz… because that’s definitely necessary. I’m gonna go out and pick up one right now!

The dude only made 3.2 million last year. He must be banking on cashing in on his sugar mama’s empire. Lucky for Kris (the fiance, not the mom), Kim said yes. Also, WTF do you need a ring that’s 2 million dollars?!? Kim if you needed a skating rink in your posession there are more sensible ones in the area I’m sure, that probably are more affordable.  Who’s even sure that it’s going to make it to the finish line? That is some big change to throw down at the starting gate. PLUS, there is a recession and people starving all over the world, not to mention disaster areas from coast to coast that are bouncing back and forth faster than a tennis match!!

Second, they have only been together 6 months. This girl I feel like has been begging and pleading anyone on the planet to date her and pop the question because, heaven forbid, she isn’t the center of attention. Ever since her sisters have been settling down and gaining popularity it seems as if Kim has taken a nose dove into whiney-ville where its filled with desperation and tears (Reggie perhaps you dodged a bullet). Talk about a ticking clock… I predict children in less than a year.

Also, comparing the wedding to Kate Middleton’s?!? She is not freaking royalty!! I don’t understand how this whole debacle has happened. This family is taking over E!, Los Angeles, America, and now the British Crown!!

Please, Please, Please make it stop. But I know it won’t. And it’s becoming so crazy who can look away now? Plus who doesn’t have enough Kim Kardashian knowledge in their memory bank that they need more?? Apparently that’s me.

I am excited, however that Vera Wang is designing the dress. Yes, please.


2 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Engagement = Rediculous Taken to a 20.5 Carat Level”

  1. emeraldarcher May 26, 2011 at 9:57 PM #

    I heard E! paid for some/most of the ring as well. He’s a pro athlete, but he doesn’t make much. Of course, that is probably why he is locking her down now, she makes champions.

  2. Sarah May 31, 2011 at 3:35 PM #

    Of course it’s an E! ploy.

    Everything about every Kardashian is disgusting.

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