H&M + Online Shopping= YESSSSS

31 May

Look alive fashionistas and fashionistos (yes thats right I don’t think it should be a term meant strictly for fashion female experts, so I created the masculine version 😉 you’re welcome!).

The time has finally come… H & M is going to be available online here in the US for those of us desperate to get our hands on some sweet steals that are still fashion forward. Personally, my closest H & M is a 3 hour drive away and I know that others have to be just as desperate as I am for an online option!! So get ready to stock up in 2012.

The launch to online shopping in the US is expected to happen around the turn of the year. Europe has always had the best product availability and offerings (for example I got a discounted top in London in 2007 that I saw at the Seattle store for full price in 2009… gross) but hopefully this next step to the online level in the States will mean a step up with the merchandise as well. Cross your fingers 🙂

I suggest becoming a fan of their facebook page. It oftentimes has alot more information than their actual website.

Here is a sneek peek of their fall collection which you can find more expansive pictures here. And guys you should be EXTRA excited, there are some pieces I’m excited about FOR you!


One Response to “H&M + Online Shopping= YESSSSS”

  1. Sarah May 31, 2011 at 3:33 PM #

    Yay for you guys! I buy most of my stuff at H&M since I can’t afford anything else in London! But I do have to say, as far as the guy stuff you showed goes, the rolled up pants thing does NOT work unless you’re on a beach! So horrible. So, so horrible.

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