Christmas on the Red Carpet: Jane Lynch Set to Host 2011 Emmy’s

2 Jun

Yes! This just in… Jane Lynch is set to host the Emmy’s!! Holla!! hopefully it’s more 40 Year Old Virgin and less Glee…I’ll have my grape slushy ready to launch in case she starts breaking out into song. Blah! 

Actually, this awards season is starting to look like a very funny red carpet. Jason Sudeikis is set to host the MTV awards and there have been rumors that Tina Fey is on the books to host the Oscars! Oh please oh please oh please… all I want for Christmas is…Yes please. 🙂

Now if only the fashion can pick it up a serious notch from last year… I’m thinking more along the lines of this year’s Cannes Film Festival representation and less along the lines of snoozefest (Last year’s awards season might top the worst ever and honestly Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence…shame… I expected better)… I’ll be one happy girl!

Now all we need is someone to fill in for Ricky Gervais for the Golden Globes although I wouldn’t mind giving him another crack at it… at least he’s controversial… I’ll take that over crazy “I’m on some sort of medication that I can’t stop smiling, giggling and making terrible jokes but look at me!! ” Anne Hathaway and “Where am I again?” James Franco.


Extra Good.




One Response to “Christmas on the Red Carpet: Jane Lynch Set to Host 2011 Emmy’s”

  1. emeraldarcher June 3, 2011 at 2:37 PM #

    They should just have NPH host everything, he made the Tony’s watchable…wait, did I just admit that?

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