Pajama Jeans: Puke Me

7 Jun

So I was catching up on my infomercials late one night. You never know when you might need a Booty Pop (maybe not me personally), a shake weight, or a double chin toner (yes please!). And I saw perhaps one of the WORST inventions of all time. It makes me nauseas just thinking about it. But lazy girls rejoice! All your fashion problems are solved with the invention of the Pajama jeans. No more sweats in class or rugged wear on an airplane. Thanks to Hampton Direct who is “enriching life through innovation” everyone can apparently look snazzy, crisp, and put together in these magic style statements.

AAAAND now I’m going to go barf!

Don’t people understand that first impressions are created within the first five seconds of meeting someone and HELLO?!? I don’t think pajama jeans, flip flops, messy hair buns, and mismatched sweats are going to make any kind of good impression.

But in case you disagree with me… which a majority of the world does based on the hideousness I see on a daily basis (maybe it’s because I’m in the midwest where style comes to die or maybe it’s just people have become LAZY LAZY LAZY with their wardrobes… with the unemployment rate at what it is… perhaps a little effort in what you put on your body on a daily basis might help a little with the networking???) these pajama jeans can be all yours for one easy payment of $39.95 (or I’m sure they could break that up for you into 2 or 3 or 10 payments no prob!)… plus 7.95 shipping and handling (at that price it better be overnight!) And if you close out of the advertisement magically the price becomes $19.95. I love how that works.

According to the commercial, these jeans are suitable for all types of activities I mean you can go shopping, ride a bike, walk a dog… What CAN’T you do in these fabulous items??

I’d rather spend $39.95 on needles to poke my eyes out… plus $7.95 shipping and handling of course.


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