Stinginess in the Job Market

9 Jun

As my CONSTANT struggle to find meaningful, permanent, and actual paying employment is continually a negative experience and as the unemployment rate keeps increasing faster than the Mississippi River,  I can’t help but be pissed at all the bitches out there who are working because they WANT to. (Yeah, thats right I might be bitter.)   

You know those people who work one or two days a week or part time because they are “bored” but have more money than God when they go home, and what they make is just “extra spending money.”

First off, I don’t even understand the concept of working because you WANT to… what is that??! Someone please explain it to me. Hey how about you forget about your “extra spending money” and go volunteer (there are plenty of crisis’ happening all around us and your 10% employee discount at Bed, Bath, and Beyond really can’t be that much of a bonus)  simultaneously opening up your coveted position to the rest of us who are struggling to make ends meet and coincidentally have been on a steady diet of ramen noodles since 2007 when this whole economic “situation” happened.

Applying for jobs is worse than a real job (I have so many passwords and username’s out there to start my own employment agency!) and oh the rejection! Employment rejection is way worse than dating because you are SUPPOSED to be qualified, it’s not supposed to be a crap shoot, and employers desperation radars aren’t supposed to be switched on, right?

And now the cherry on top of it all, to get a job WITH benefits is becoming like finding buried treasure… in which I apparently need a map and a personal tour guide for. I haven’t seen dental insurance it feels like since before Bob Barker left the Price is Right (those were the good ol’ days.)

If everyone would just cooperate with me, I think my scheming would work out for the best of ALL involved.

Sayonara Obama… how about Lauren for 2012?? 😉

I wonder what font size and type he uses on his resume??


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