Karaoke Crap

10 Jun

I'm with Fred.

So there is something in this world that I absolutely do NOT understand at all… and would love for someone to explain it to me…

What is the fascination with Karaoke?

WHY is it popular to take a good song sung by a good singer and complete destroy it… usually by drunken and terrible singers who don’t always necessarily know the words.

And I’m sure at this point you are thinking well she’s just never tried it she doesn’t know what she is missing. But I HAVE tried it! Additionally, I have tried it at the highest most drastic and death-defying level. What are the details may you ask? Yes, I sang karaoke in NYC, on Time Square, with it being videotaped, and played on the jumbotron ON Times Square. Not nearly as awesome as it sounds… and I wasn’t nearly drunk enough. And needless to say it was completely brutal and permanently scarring. Perhaps this is why I hold onto complete disdain for the act, but I just don’t understand.

There are Beyonce’s and Christina Aguilera’s for a reason. The reason is that not your average person is that talented… isn’t that why they make the big bucks?? So I personally don’t think there is any need to attempt that type of talent and share the less than stellar average gifts that many of us possess.

Just keep it to the shower or not at all and let the rest of us drink in peace and go home to listen to Itunes.


One Response to “Karaoke Crap”

  1. brainforthought June 10, 2011 at 2:08 PM #

    I have often thought this myself, especially when people don’t know the words.

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