Of Course There Is An App For That.

13 Jun

Looking for fashion on the go? We are in the smart age and there are great smart ways to brush up on your trends this season and next while you avoid the crazy lady on the subway next to you, the schizophrenic homeless person at the bus stop, the chatty kathy conveniently seated next to you on an airplane, or the macho man whistling from two cars over at the stop light… or whatever awkward boring scenario you may find yourself in.

Some top apps that I have found are as follows.

For Shopping



Zara: Shop Online

Glamour: Personal Shopper


For Trends



Nylon Magazine

Vogue Stylist



For Men

Vogue Hommes

WWD Blast- this is the best site as well if you ever want/need to know what is happening in the fashion industry… from runways to retail to behind the scenes business to designers this is the go-to place for ANYTHING happinging in the industry Women’s Wear Daily

International (beware you may not be able to read what they say but you can see what’s happening)

Bazaar Thailand

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Elle Canada (look for Canada apps they are in English and are usually a little more “internationally fashion forward”)

I only deal in free apps so need to worry about your Itunes account charges racking up.


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