Slithering Style

14 Jun

Look alive peeps… or dead if you are a reptile… this spring has kicked off a continuing trend of snakeskin all over from the runways to driveways. Meaning you don’t have to be able to afford the real deal but as long as you have something scaling in your wardrobe you are set for the upcoming year.

Move over kitty cats of the jungle, leopard is still in, but there’s a new trend slithering up to be the leader of the pack. There is no discrimination on color, style or product that has you hissing for more. From bags, to watches, to shoes, to belts, pick a staple and get to wearing it in. I would stick to an accessory that can be worn over and over and can transition across seasons. The skinny on snakes is here to stay for a while.  And I’m not up on my PEETA rules and beliefs , however I feel (slightly) comfortable noone is going to throw a fit or throw paint over a dead snake. bleh. And thank goodness snakes just go ahead and shed their skin for us so not alot of blood has to be involved. Has anyone ever cried over a python? NOT me. I’ll lead the battle against anything in that category… in case you are a lover of them you can find a really polished and realistic print. Zara has a great option in a pant.  

It’s time to discover your second skin of style this season and next.



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