JewelMint: Minty Fresh Baubles

15 Jun

I don’t know what it is about her. She’s not that good of an actress and doesn’t really do much of anything (except attend every music festival ever held) but I LOVE her and I especially LOVE her style.

Kate bosworth is so pretty (and so is her boyfriend) and I just love everything she wears. She has this jewelry line and site with stylist Cher Coulter called JewelMint… and honestly it’s one of the funnest sites I’ve been to in a while. It’s a quiz of sorts (who doesn’t love a fashion quiz?!?) that hones in on what jewelry they offer that you specifically would like.

After answering questions about which style you prefer, what bag you like best, which dress you would wear, what celebrity you want to be like, etc, etc,… up pops a personal shop tailored to your answers as well as an option for future emails that are geared towards your specific tastes.

Ummmm, yes please?

Oh, and did I mention that everything is under $29.99. One of my favorites is the Lunar Blue Necklace, but they have everything from hippie to polished that everyone is bound to find something that they can’t live without. Plus, there are additional videos showing their inspiration and what they are working on next, a blog, and even gift cards are available.

Check it out! JewelMint

Lunar Blue Necklace from


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