Holy Testosterone

16 Jun

Ummmmmmm when did sports become something to die over?

I’m pretty sure none of the freak idiot Canucks fans would have wanted to give their life (or their felony record) to a momental lapse in judgement.

It’s JUST a game! There is no reason to start WWIII to make yourselves look like complete idiots, ON TOP of your heart breaking loss. Nice work slicks.

Perhaps in Canada being a sore loser is encouraged instead of taught against. Talk about alot of a rage and a complete disconnect from reality (this isn’t the first time this has happened with Canucks fans either… can you say EMBARASSING??). Boys involved in the riots, there are starving children in Africa who could have used that money it’s going to take to rebuild the entire country of Canada… for eating and surviving… and birth control!! Hell, I could have used one of those emblazened televisions to watch your team’s next loss leading to another meltdown… or perhaps used one of those overturned cars to get to Canada to see the temper tantrum in person. Thanks ALOT!

Plus, Vancouver was a really nice city. And why did you have to go and make mayhem on one of the greatest shopping streets EVER?!? Poor Robson. AND you were only going to win a silver cup. I can go get you one if it’s THAT big of a deal… there’s a Pier One Imports just down the street… I’ll be right back!

Let’s get a little perspective. A game is a game. A win is a win. And Canuck fans your team was beaten fair and square. Better luck next time psychos.

May I suggest the next time when you feel overwhelming despair of a loss by a team that you don’t play for, don’t know personally, and that wouldn’t do a damn thing for you if the tables were turned, but you just watch on TV and devote your entire life, time, and personality for (stupidest concept ever)… you just head straight to your local bar, have another drink, call it a night, cry yourself to sleep, and go on with your daily business when you wake up the next day. Grow up and join the rest of the adults in this world.


One Response to “Holy Testosterone”

  1. emeraldarcher June 16, 2011 at 5:00 PM #

    Too many people were organized for it, that was going to happen whether they won or lost.

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