Chelsea, Chelsea, No, No: Chelsea Handler Style Sabotage

17 Jun


I’m SUCH a fan of Chealsea Handler. She is so funny and witty and smart and pretty and talented etc etc. I have a definite girl crush on her. But what is going on with her (entire) appearance?

Last night’s outfit on Chelsea Lately was my breaking point (things in the appearance department have been getting continually bad, and it seems to yo-yo between dressing like a twelve year old to dressing like a frumpy 50 year old). She had on WAYYYYY too tight white jeans that made her calves look like she bike rides everday, everywhere, uphill both ways, 100 miles… black shoes that reminded me of junior high school and Payless Shoe Source all in a single glance…a black and white patterned tunic top that made her look like a weight lifter or a serious Iron Woman contender (whichever is worse), additionally with a crooked bow… and her hair pulled back in a ponytail which conveniently showcased her roots… which were only on the sides… which seemed more odd the more I stared.


She is pretty, has a cute figure and has great skin. There is a lot to work with there. She has money and her show is really popular. Stylists, including hair, makeup, and wardrobe, could be in the budget. I heard that she has her friend style her. But I think that they shouldn’t be friends anymore. If her friend knows what they are doing… they aren’t doing it right. And if it isn’t a friend at all, the person in charge of the catastrophe should be fired or at least demoted.

Here is last night”s interview outfit disaster:


One Response to “Chelsea, Chelsea, No, No: Chelsea Handler Style Sabotage”

  1. MIss_vee January 9, 2012 at 7:13 AM #

    I agree her style could be stepped up a notch. I think she is a no frills girl. However, she could be more streamlined. Her necklines don’t do her any favors. She has a great bust, and she needs to dress for it. I think she needs more sophistication. I did note, that her style improved when she was dating 50 Cent. I thought ” cool she got a cool black girl to zip her up – nice touch”. Sadly, the phase did not last long.

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