Firestone’s Failure

17 Jun

It has been my experience that anytime I enter a male dominated area of expertise…meaning there is oil, fire, or machinery involved, I as a female who doesn’t wear steel toed boots and washes my hair on a regualr basis, is contantly attempted to be taken advantage of.

Even if I did know what was going on or knew what language they were speaking as the list of “major issues” with my car is being reeled off and the whispering ensues on the phone as parts are being “found”, a fast one (or several) is inevitably tried to be pulled.

Maybe if you dress decently people think you have money? Or is it just that I am a young blonde girl and the subsequent stigmatic blonde jokes are believed to be true and always apply to anyone in my category. I don’t know. But in honor of Father’s Day this Sunday all I can say is THANK GOODNESS for Dads to steer you in the right direction, save you lot’s of money, keep you safe on the roads, and on an even playing field in a “man’s world.”

Of course on the flip side, anytime I enter a mechanic’s place of operation I get GREAT service. I get lot’s of business cards, lot’s of small talk, and lots of attention. Nevertheless I also get lot’s of high bills, lot’s of unnecessary parts, and lot’s of discouraging news leading to many current and future problems. Most recently I went into a Firestone because my brakes had (expectedly) exploded. After two hours of schmoozing and enough business cards to start a rolodex, I was presented with a bill of $550. If you know me… you know I don’t like to drive nice cars because the chance I’m going to hit something is 100%. So my 1999 Beige Ford Contour without a radio and now without brakes was not even close to being worth $550 with or without brakes. Is stopping THAT important anyways? 😉

As I was racking my brain regarding the latest Gold for Cash commercials I had seen on TV, my dad immediately and geniusly made the call to get the hell outta there! and sent me down the street to “his guy.” 

Let me just say I HIGHLY encourage mom and pop shops. Even more now that our economy is in the crapper. They most likely will take really good care of you, treat anyone and everyone very appropriately, and not try to screw you over because they DO want your business next time. And lucky for them when I hit something I’ll most likely be back (several times over).

I walked out of an independently owned mechanic shop with new brakes and a bill of $50.

Moral of the story? Firestone SUCKS, Support local businesses, and Dads ROCK!

Happy Father’s day!


2 Responses to “Firestone’s Failure”

  1. mom June 17, 2011 at 10:17 AM #

    i would like to think of this event not as a failure but a very sucessful learning experience. They did not get $550 and you did get working brakes (and the grease came right out of the seat)

  2. Steve June 17, 2011 at 11:12 AM #

    I am from the corporate office of Firestone Complete Auto Care. Can you send me an email at so I can learn more about your experience?

    I’d like to try to help.



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