Blurring the Gender Lines

20 Jun

Janet Mock used to be a boy until she was 18 years old. You can read her story in this month's Marie Claire.

So I was flipping through the June 2011 issue of Marie Claire and I came across an article that got me to thinking…

It was regarding a girl who used to be a boy. AND I didn’t believe it at first she totally was a hot girl! I mean I was a little jealous.

But hold the phones for a second.

Now that sex changes are starting to be perfected in their craft is this something that the rest of us need to be seriously considering in our own lives? I mean what do you do if you are dating someone and you find out that perhaps they used to be the opposite sex. What does that make you? And how is it appropriate as a person who is the same gender as the day they were born to bring something like this up in coversation without being offensive?

It used to be that asking someone if they had an STD or an illegitimate child was the buzzkill in dating and relationships… but as time moves forward and the lines between sexuality and gender are blurred is the new question “Are you still sporting all your original parts?” And when is this question supposed to come about at a good time?

And how offensive and closed minded is it if you freak out when the answer is not what you expected?


One Response to “Blurring the Gender Lines”

  1. Allie June 20, 2011 at 7:08 PM #

    ive thought about this myself when i saw a documentary about transgendered people (on pbs i think?). The way society used to view trans people was kind of like freak shows, who are very obviously ‘wrong’. As the idea of transitioning becomes more socially acceptable and they are looking less and less different than biological men/women, how does that make them fit into ‘straight’ dating world? It must take alot of courage for them to tell people they are dating, because you never know when your boyfriend/girlfriend would be completely fine with it, or they might freak out. One of ANTM’s models was a transwoman, and tyra had her and her fiance on The Tyra Show, and the transwoman’s fiance said he considers himself straight and her to be a woman.

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