Countess LuAnn de Lesseps Classy Style

21 Jun

So I’ll admit it I’m addicted to trash(y)  TV… specifically The Real Housewives of NYC (don’t fret Jersey girls you’re a close second… a few more overturned tables and you might pull into the lead).

In my opinion the ladies of NYC are the BEST housewives and in comparison are the most classy… just ask the “Countess of class” herself, LuAnn de Lesseps…I’m sure she 100% agrees with me! 😉  Though I do think she needs to get a hobby other than sticking her nose in the air and coming up with synonyms for “darling” and “classy,” as well as writing the rules of etiquette as she goes and based solely on her current mood…but let’s face it, the lady has style. She is by far the most beautiful and the best dresser of ALL the housewives. Yes, that’s right Alexis (from O.C.) you can take your slutty, self titled (ssssssshhhhocking) couture line and shove it. GROSS! And I think LuAnn may have the least plastic surgery experiences. BONUS! (and maybe everyone else should take notes before making another appt… FYI if your plastic surgeon is on speed dial AND your Christmas bonus gifting list you may have a problem) Granted she has been blessed by the skin gods and might have a little Native American in her but either way I’m jeal.

She ALWAYS looks put together, ALWAYS looks appropriate for the event, and ALWAYS has the most awesome jewelry I have ever seen. And she NEVER looks overdone, but always age appropriate. If she has a stylist creating the magic then “Bravo! (that pun is TOTALLY intended) on a job well done” and if LuAnn is doing it herself then the woman needs to be writing a book on how to dress classy and not necessarily how to act it……… don’t you agree “Daaaarling?”


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