Toddler’s and Tiara’s as Tweens: A Train Wreck of Sequins

23 Jun

I generally dislike children and don’t plan on having any, but perhaps that will change after my quarterlife crisis is over and my bitter disdain for a lot (everything) of things subsides. Stay tuned…

However recently after seeing one of the worst displays of child abuse and complete self destruction I have seen in quite sometime I think I have an idea for a new form of entertainment. I saw a few clips of Toddlers and Tiara’s and I think there is one called Pageant Dad’s (oh man talk about a DREAM job!!, I think I would rather jump into a bathtub of syringe’s) and SERIOUSLY?? these little bitches are getting manicures and hair do’s that cost more than my monthly rent and lord knows what they spend on makeup and tailored sequins outfits and waxing?!?… mama needs a second job!! Are these parents thinking through what is going to happen when these little charming, adorable, and still physically controllable she devils  hit 13 and start to completely destroy their own and their parent’s lives??

I was brought up in a very minimalist home and didn’t understand what a pedicure was until about 6 months ago and let me tell you the attitude oozing from my pores was uncontrollable and undeniably disgusting for practically an entire decade (still is to an extent). 😉 So what in the world are these pageant mom’s (and sometimes dad’s) going to do when their little princesses jump off the deep end into tweenager hell?? (Lord help them for they know not what they do.) I want a show about that!! Talk about complete and utter melodrama, high drama, and hellish drama. They are setting themselves up for the worst 8- 10 years of their lives. Girls are hard enough to raise without an ego boost from birth. And talk about expensive!! You think it’s gonna get any better when they learn how to use mom and dad’s credit card and look old enough to sign for it? Yikes!

 TLC… have your people call my people.



One Response to “Toddler’s and Tiara’s as Tweens: A Train Wreck of Sequins”

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