Author Adam Carolla

24 Jun

In true trashy form I was watching Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night on Bravo and the guest was one of my favorites and I love him even more now that he no longer is a closeted Real housewives watcher! Mr. Adam Carolla was sipping on his “mangria” and ripping on all the housewives in his own hilarious way.

I have always been a fan of his. You may know him from The Man Show or as Jimmy Kimmel’s bromance partner. I LOVE his podcast “The Adam Carolla Show” and ladies he has one of the funniest chicks from his old morning radio show (that was syndicated all over the country) Teresa Strasser as a guest very often and she gets funnier and funnier as well as providing a female perspective on a very male dominated conversation. Plus, his movie, which he basically created from the ground up and starred in called The Hammer is HILARIOUS! and contains enough sarcasm to keep anyone snickering.  I even got a signed copy of the DVD. Please try to contain your jealousy.

But last night he was plugging his new book, “In 50 years We’ll All Be Chicks and Other Complaints From an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy.”  The title alone is pretty funny.  And I had no idea he had a book, but I bet it ranks up there with Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler when considering must reads!!

To catch Adam’s Podcast you can find him on Itunes or Here.

Also, his book is on the New York Times Bestsellers list and can be found… anywhere one finds books.

Here is the trailer for The Hammer.


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