Older and Wiser Wardrobes

27 Jun

I think I saw her this weekend.

So maybe it’s because I haven’t hit 30 yet (BUT I am super excited about that number!!) …though I am currently in the midst of a quarterlife crisis, am experiencing my first wrinkles, and have had more than a few run ins with the effects of gravity, however I’m (fairly) confident that as I get older dressing appropriately for my age will be welcomed and not fought off like a swarm of angry bees.

After this weekend I am convinced this unfortunately is not true with everyone. After seeing several middle aged woman trying to throw back to the days of their youth in the form of hooker outfits I have to say to all the women out there: PLEASE DRESS AGE APPROPRIATELY. Just because you are getting up there in the digits doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful and can’t be sexy whilst still being tasteful, it just means that you are going to have to tweak your closet… and  FYI combat boots and mini skirts shouldn’t be included in what makes the cut.

There is a bittersweet moment in which one must realize they aren’t in the 16-25 age box anymore and that perhaps they should grow up with their wardrobe… or start charging for their time spent on the streetcorner.

Ladies don’t freak out… aging is going to happen, but take it gracefully if not for yourself then at least for the rest of us who have to experience your outfit choices.


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