Sunny Side of Skin

11 Jul

My whole life I have had the fortunate opportunity to embrace the constant struggle of not being see-through. I can’t tell you the amount of jealousy that a person can possess over pigmentation. After a weekend of sunny days, music festivals (where all beautiful girls show up to prove not only their beauty but their awesome taste in music.) and countless “Am I as white as her?” side comments, I realize that I have gotten the short end of the stick.

There’s always a short time period where magazines and the fashion world try to sell that pale is in… however I’m 99% positive that those rumors and pale-pushes are coming from the few albino editors and designers that feel my pain.

People always say “Well… you will have nice skin when you are older”… but being pale doesn’t really mean you won’t get skin cancer or won’t wrinkle in the future. Just because you aren’t brown doesn’t mean that cherry tomato red isn’t on the color menu.

Luckily, being white just means you are more susceptible to severe burns that lead to wearing ultra sexy t-shirts over bathing suits to any sort of body of water that you come in contact with, as well as applying enough sunscreen to produce a permanent white film on your body from Memorial Day to the end of September. Yummm.

I really hope that pale perfection (with freckles thrown in) becomes ultra chic for REAL in the skin world soon. But I’m not holding my breath.

Pass the sunscreen please.


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