Chloe 2011: Ballerina Dreaming

12 Jul

Ballerinas are the most impressive beings to me even after the creation of the Zonkra (I know what I’m asking for Christmas!) Not only do I love ballerinas I love ballerina art (Degas anyone?) and ballerina clothing  and ballerina documentaries and pretty much anything to do with the art form (except for maybe all the color pink twirling around everywhere).

So you can imagine the excitement when I saw that Chloe’s Spring 2011 runways were all about ballet. And I thought “I can do that!” And so can you.

I don’t know if you have ever taken ballet classes, but I have (and I definitely do some dancing in my dreams), however I have a pair of legit ballet shoes which look EXACTLY like those on the runway. My (attempted) dancing days are behind me, but now there is a use for those slippers!

If you don’t have some they can be sort of pricey (to me) but hundreds less than what Chloe is charging I’m sure. FYI you MUST watch out for glass and mud and water, but after braving the elements, I think wearing ballet shoes as a form of fashion expression and not just the sport, serves as one of the most fun evenings I’ve had in a while. It’s like Black Swan… but better.

I hope you find yourself twirling around, pointing your toes, standing up straighter, and getting strange looks of secret jealousy from onlookers. 🙂 

The beige is my favorite but shows ALL the dirt that you come in contact with (they are like the Swiffer of shoes), so I recommend the black.


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