Praise for the Princess

14 Jul

She even does tricks!

After much thought, patience, and consideration… I have to admit that I am completely blown away by Princess Kate and her transformation and flawless presence as a new royal. She acts as if she was born for the role.

I understand that she comes from a privileged background, but man! I just can’t believe how she glides through each and every public appearance and test as if nothing is happening…the only thing happening is 2 billion+ people judging her every move. Yikes! It’s hard enough to deal with in-laws much less an entire globe, as well as today’s vicious media.

Plus, anyone who can wear hose to each and every occasion, and in the summer no less, with complete confidence is A-ok in my book!

Maybe its her age, but you can’t teach grace, sensibility, and walking the fine line between being normal and loved and still in reality being a royal with everything at your fingertips. She is under constant scrutiny and doesn’t even flinch. I can’t imagine the immense pressure that comes with the entire WORLD watching your every move and waiting for any sort of mistake to happen. I was sure that the wedding was a fluke and there was no way she could keep it up, but she has been to LA and kept all her clothes on and still has her dignity (there’s always Vegas…).

Bravo to Kate for taking the challenge of becoming a real life princess from a commoner background and making it look easy. Not many of us have those skills.

PS Back off her weight people… if the whole Earth’s population was watching and photographing you, you probably wouldn’t be hungry either.


One Response to “Praise for the Princess”

  1. EB July 25, 2011 at 2:03 PM #

    “Maybe its her age, but you can’t teach grace, sensibility….”

    While this is a very true statement I couldn’t help but laugh to myself and think of the Countess’ (from Real Housewives of NY) song.


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