Ecstasy… Therapy?

18 Jul

I was reading an article a few months ago about how Ecstasy is being experimented within relationship therapy and that using the drug is helping couples to regain the passion and understanding in their relationships as well as provide an open forum for communication and resolving problems. When using MDMA couples let their guard down and are open to addressing their issues and troubles in a much more euphoric way. But once the drug wears off how realistic is the lasting resolve?

So this could go many ways.

Either someone is desperate for a resurgence in ecstasy so they can score their favorite drug a little easier. People have gotten much too lazy in relationships that they need a drug to solve their problems. Or perhaps this is a way of taking individual relationship issues out of the therapist’s office and ushering in a new era of more open-mindedness, realism, and experimentation with dealing with relationships in the 21st century.

With divorce rates as high as they are now perhaps MDMA is the answer instead of calling it quits? Or perhaps just forgiving and forgetting is the real answer and MDMA is the first step to being realistic about grudges and working through problems in today’s environment by simultaneously opening hearts, minds, and eyes.


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