Spring 2012: See Clearly

19 Jul

I know, I know we haven’t even entered fall 2011 and already the buzz is about spring 2012 Resort Collections. Thats the fashion cycle for you. Always looking ahead… never enjoying the moment. 😉 don’t you LOVE it? Chanel kicked off the festivities in France with a wispy and willowy display of grace and delicacy.

So here’s your big trend to keep your eye out for in the upcoming months. I personally like to know whats coming so when I find a steal I can snatch it up and get even more use out of it before the season actually arrives.

So for spring 2012 think clear. Clear shades, see through skirts and dresses, sheer tops. I would say your best bet is to invest in an amazing slip (or lingerie wherever your tastes land on the slutty scale.) I would hold on to the lucite accessories as well that are popular now and going into fall because they will still be relevant and an easy transition from season to season for the next year.

Don’t forget color though. Color is still a big trend, or you can go full on translucent. Neutrals continue their reign however with multiple shades of cream, white, and gray all over the runways. Of course black is forever chic.


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