“Hey baby, whatch U doin??”

21 Jul

I want to know when in the course of a male’s life are they taught that shouting at women from cars is acceptable… and will get them what they want?? Does this happen when all the girls are learning about menstration in school? Or does it just come naturally?

Is it just an ego thing? Or does this really work? Or are these men so insecure with themselves that they have to feel better about themselves by hitting on women in a forum that does not allow rejection… except for the occasional middle finger? Or are they so hard up for a females attention that the desperation has escalated to shouting from vehicles?

And I know not ALL men hold this charming quality…perhaps as ladies this is how we are supposed to separate the shit men from the good ones, but I gotta say if you’ll yell out of a car door profanity or objective things to women… the jig is up,  it doesn’t take a genius to know you suck.

So guys I guess if you wanna go ahead and seal the deal on never getting laid and labeling yourself as an asshole… success! This is the way to go. And of course if your goal is to pick up a prostitute… you’re doing AWESOME.

Here’s a tip all you males who find this overwhelming and uncontrollable urge the next time you are cruising your local 711… roll up your windows and use facebook to pick up chicks like all the other normal dudes.


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