The Times They Are A-Changin’

25 Jul

I dunno if it’s the older I get and the more my eyes are opened or whether the world is taking a nosedive to Armageddon… but the more shootings, and natural disasters, and Osama Bin Laden’s, and debt crisis’, and the constant flow of rejection letters from jobs, I can’t help but have the sudden and fierce urge to just walk away from it all. Like go live in a tree and become the female version of Bear Grills with a guitar and a harmonica.

Aren’t all these things in this world that have been created to build society sort of rediculous to an exent? Why do we need Ipods and mansions and flat screen tv’s and Mercedes?? What is it doing for us? Just look what success did to Amy Winehouse. How eerie is it that we all just sat back and watched her demise?

We aren’t going to die with these material things… we will just be judged by our peers leading up to our death… but it won’t matter. 

My mom and I have been gardening (basically her though… my green thumb is more yellowish) and she has (psycho) chickens (I swear everytime I come home they are lined up, ready to stare me down), but these things are basic and they are really good. Fresh tomatoes and eggs just give the emotion that perhaps you are helping out the world in your own small way. That perhaps NOT supporting all those big buinesses that are trying to kill us with their 99% corn based fast food products is really a way to make a difference in some small way. (Maybe I’ve been watching Food Inc. too much)

But it just seems all so sad as the polar bears and penguins in the Arctic suffer and people feel compelled to go on shooting sprees in Norway, and terrorism abounds. What happened to the love and support of people and even strangers that can bring about a change big enough to MAKE a change stick? The creating a new way of thought.

The tornadoes in Joplin and the banding together of heaps of people that weren’t even directly affected by such a scary thing really were a testimony to the positive character of people that still exists and gives hope for the future. But we need more of that to outweigh the devastation that is all around us. It seems so exhausting as time goes on.

Hopefully for humanity and the planet, soon the “The times they are a-changin” for the better, or I’m going to be in the market for my first treehouse and hippie skirt.


One Response to “The Times They Are A-Changin’”

  1. emeraldarcher July 27, 2011 at 10:47 PM #

    I wish I could come up with a better comment than “OH MY GOSH YOUR MOM HAS CHICKENS?!?!?” sorry, but that is awesome.

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