Fall 2011: Loafin’ Around

26 Jul

So each season there is a must have shoe (or a 100 must have shoes in my opinion) but this coming fall I am really looking forward to embracing the high heeled loafer.

If you don’t like the height, go for a flat loafer, but I think the heel is what is making this trend a must have this season, both covetable and really quite a strong statement.

Look for neutral colors but keep along the lines of color… think  fall leaves changing their colors. So go for muted greens, oranges, yellows and of course beige. Beige goes with everything. PLUS, remember the color of the season is red, red, red… a high heeled red loafer would cover multiple trends and let them see you coming! Plus red goes with everything and can spice up a basic black.

If you want to get crazy 😉 make sure your loafers include at least two- tones or a geometric heel. Also, keep it fun by incorporating some tassels and above all include a platform style in your purchase considerations.

This trend creates a business sexy that you can wear to work or to just loaf around 😉


One Response to “Fall 2011: Loafin’ Around”

  1. Ashley July 26, 2011 at 3:52 PM #

    Love, love, love, love. Finally, I will be trendy. I’ve been wearing loafers for years. Now I just need to include the heel. LOL

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