2012 Olympic Games Look Good

27 Jul

So one year from today London will be hosting the 2012 summer Olympics.

Which means watch out for the Olympic logo to start hitting every cereal box, commercial, and Coke can ever created in the upcoming 365 days. In case you’re not super into the Olympics like me, but know who Michael Phelps is and that he likes to hit the bong, I have a fun fact for fashionistas to look out for next summer.

Armani will be designing the Italian National Team’s complete wardrobes for the event. GET EXCITED!

Also, it gets even better. Stella McCartney will be designing for Great Britain, and Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella will be designing shoes for Puma for the Jamaican team.  USA needs to get in on this action… Any takers?? Michael Kors are you listening? Talk about a Project “Run”way. 😉

I can hardly wait to see what they come up with. I hope their designs show signature style, but that the athletes stand out as not only athletic but ultra stylish too.  A good uniform is key to positive performance, I am sure. You look good you feel good right? And the confidence with an Armani design on your back can only help.

Don’t you just love when two worlds (in this case fashion and sports) come together to make a better one?

Yes please. I hope we see more of this to come.

Stella McCartney for Adidas in 2004.


One Response to “2012 Olympic Games Look Good”

  1. emeraldarcher July 27, 2011 at 10:44 PM #

    Ralph Lauren did a good job with the Vancouver 10 USA clothes, especially the awesome hats from the opening ceremony. 2008 looked ok, a little too preppy for my liking, but it succeeded in making the basketball team look hilarious.

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