Requesting the Price. NOW.

29 Jul

What’s up with fashion magazines always putting “price available upon request” on all the cute items that I wanna know where to get and how much ramen I need to continue eating …for the rest of my life?

Oh yeah, probably because most of those exclusive items cost more than the average person’s house. Yes Chanel, I’m talking to you. A girl can still dream right and I guess not knowing the price is keeping that dream alive.

But I still wanna know how much they are and having to call everytime just so I can resolve my curiosity seems like alot of work. I mean I think about these types of things ALL the time. What is the big secret?? If you’re reading Vogue and are on an hourly wage… the jig is up everything in there is out of reach.

Maybe the item is worth more than all my credit card limits combined, or perhaps they want the pertinant information regarding your first born child in case your card(s) are declined when purchasing, or maybe they want to see last year’s tax statement before they will let you in the price “club,” or maybe they aren’t sure how much they want to charge until they hear your last name and if it’s Gates the price might go up a few thou?

The jury is out and the mystery still isn’t solved. But if designers and magazines would just go ahead and put the elusive 6 figure price on these items I would sleep alot better… and save alot on minutes. 😉


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