Ok, So Let’s Talk About Religion.

4 Aug

I have been on a roll this week with touchy subjects. So let’s just keep it up, shall we? I live in the Bible Belt. A fascinating and sometimes contradictory place to be. Where religious sectors run rampant on the confidence of their own beliefs causing a war of sorts among the conflicting denominations. AND everybody has an opinion about which little piece of their belief is what makes it correct. Let the arguments ensue.

It seems the more differences there are in denominations and religion, the more negative energy there is amongst something that should be positive and uplifting. I totally believe in God. And I’m not bringing him into this. I’m talking about what society has created to bring about a sort of complicated list of rules regarding religion, that additionally, each denomination has their own slightly tweaked copy of that says how it should all be and why the others are wrong.

Who the hell 😉 is to say what is wrong besides God? Here in the Bible Belt if you are Catholic watch out for the pitchforks and stakes because the Baptist’s are comin for ya, and some of the most judgemental people are the ones that attend Church every Sunday like they are “supposed” to. Inter- religous couple views seem almost as ridiculous as the previous views on inter-racial marriages that existed in the 1950’s. Let’s be serious. We are all equal right?? Gay, straight, black, white, Jew, protestant… Muslim? What happened to being Godly on a Tuesday and embracing people’s differences in the image of the God you worship. Religion is too uptight and it’s causing a bad rep for the masses. What kind of example is being set for the “nonbelievers?”

I think it’s all been twisted into something it’s not supposed to be. Perhaps the meat and potatoes of the concept of religion and believing in a higher power needs to be put back on the cooker instead of the fancy schmancy ridiculous-ness that is spiralling. Government and Religion SHOULD be separate because if you look back at history religion has been overly tampered with in order for political gains. Henry VIII anyone??

There needs to be more love, more forgiveness, and more believing and less judging and less dividing.


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