Trading Eyes For Ears.

9 Aug

When did violence become the answer? I feel like this pattern of retaliating against violence with violence that we see all over the world isn’t the answer either. It seems that when people don’t listen or when disagreements ensue, people decide the best plan of action is an “eye for an eye.”

But when do we run out of eyes? And when does the retaliation/or revenge become stooping to the same evil level?

I’m gonna use an example that you aren’t going to like… Osama Bin Laden. Yes, he planned the attacks on the World Trade Centers and it was one of the most awful and terrible things EVER. But us killing others to get to him and to kill him…does that make us better, or the same? And now those Navy Seals that got Bin Laden are dead because of more Taliban… when does it end? Who stops the cycle, and when is the people’s voices heard instead of terrorism and politics waging an endless battle?

I’ve been on a serious love kick recently, but when does that love kick in? Yeah, there are riots in London… more displays of evil… and fortunately, that is somewhat being redeemed by the bonding together and work done to clean up the mess… but when does the line get crossed (or even drawn) when violence is just violence and whatever you’re fighting for is drowned out by the noise and commotion. There is a lost art to getting what you want through humane means… for example negotiating and listening.  Perhaps we need to trade the “eye for an eye” for ears…trying to listen to one another and be open, instead of shutting down in a rampage of vehemence.

I know this is not realistic, but a girl can dream.


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