Guiltless Fur Frenzy

16 Aug

So fur is definitely coming back in and I dunno how PETA feels about it personally, but I’m sure they are HEATED! However, I am also heated in my very warm fur vest. But fear not animal lovers, no adorable little critters that make appearances in Bambi or Cinderella were involved nor had to die… AND it is real fur.

How is this possible you may ask?

Well, thanks for asking. I have a fur vest made out of… drumroll please… opossum.


Who’s gonna get in an uproar and make you feel bad about an opossum? People purposefully hit them on roads due to the overwhelming collective disdain for opossum’s amongst the masses.

Poor opossum’s… I think they are seriously misunderstood… But they are also very warm and quite fashionable. 😉 New Zealand has a major opossum fur industry… so you can be both stylish and internationally exotic.


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