Puke Me.

16 Aug

SO I have come to the conclusion that no matter what your skin tone, your hair color, eye color, or any amount of freckles, birthmarks, extra limbs, whatever… there is one color that should NEVER be worn by anyone and makes everyone look like skeezy death universally. Even toddlers and dogs look terrible in it. This color should be banned from all threads everywhere.

Fittingly, my name for this color fits the description quite nicely. It’s called puke green. Please see below and avoid at all costs.

I always see it on actresses in movies, and EVERYONE looks terrible in it. I don’t care if your skin is purple and it’s Mardi Gras this is NEVER a good look. But yet people still try to pull it off.

It’s like the collective “if you wanna look like crap today then wear this” go-to color. 

Just say no.


One Response to “Puke Me.”

  1. Sarah August 16, 2011 at 3:37 PM #

    Hehe. I have a puke green tshirt that I used to love, but thankfully I’ve realized it’s gross and I only wear it when I jog now. Oddly enough I used to wear it with silver stuff, which you mentioned in the post after this! I think the nasty green probably took away from the awesome silver though. 😛

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