Relationship Revolutions

19 Aug

After personal experience and talking to friends who are active in the online dating world in which afternoon dates are the only option so that “bro” time can happen in the evening (PS if you use the word “bro” or “bra” you don’t deserve a date), I realized there is a definite movement that is entering into the relationship world that has increased in the past 5-10 years to the point where I think complete asexuality is a possibility in our near future.

Dating or real relationships are being replaced with sex buddies and casual hookups. The deterioration of love and chivalry is beginning to spread across the masses as marriages are ending very quickly and independence across younger generations is becoming more abundant. Thus proving there is less need for long-term companionship with the opposite sex. Sex and reproducing is also becoming less of a concern as overpopulation continues.

Gone are the days of getting to know someone. Today everything goes straight to the bedroom and that is the norm. Serious commitments are replaced with casual sex, No Strings Attached, and Friends with Benefits. Men no longer NEED to try to win over women, they are getting to the finish line before they leave the starting gate. Plus, they have their “bros” to hang out with after they are satisfied.

And it’s not only men. Women are partaking in this trend and don’t seem to have many complaints.

Additionally, sex toys are becoming so creative that an actual partner is no longer necessary. People can get what they want and can be freed of the chains of relationships, marriage, incessant chattering, awkward dinners, chick flicks, and screaming children. And who can blame them? Yes, there still are those “old-fashioned” types, but they are fewer every day. And of course the Justin Timberlake’s and Ashton Kutcher’s out there can’t help but fall for the Mila Kunis’s and Natalie Portman’s in the end… but there may be an end to that coming as well.

 Every one is getting what they want and still getting to live their own lives without the compromise that comes with coupling. I think this concept is going to continue into something that is unknown as of now, but will evolve to be very familiar in the future.

Ya feel me “bra”?


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