Kim K: White Wedding??

22 Aug

WTF was everyone doing wearing white to Kim Kardashian’s wedding? I would think if anyone wanted to be a shining beacon of virginity spotlighted for the whole world to see it would be Kim…But everyone was wearing white… and Kris Jenner had a slutty white dress on with a bow that would put Lady Gaga to shame…It must be the end of the world for reals this time.

AND the worst of them all Lindsey Lohan. Hopefully, she could find an ankle bracelet to match her stolen (she’s at it again?! 😉 ) outfit and got paid enough to make an appearance at the wedding to help cover those legal fees…

Poor Pippa.


One Response to “Kim K: White Wedding??”

  1. ks August 22, 2011 at 6:25 PM #

    ba ha ha ha ha….this is awesome. I saw the footage this morning on Good morning america. I have so many problems with this family and that wedding (especially the fact that AMericans were obsessed with it)I could write a book. It just goes to show you: It takes a lot of money to look that trashy:)

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