Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & BRAVO= Disgusting

30 Aug

So BRAVO is now at all time low in the books of morals that doesn’t seem to exist any longer. Russell Armstrong commits suicide, leaving the future of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a bit of a sticky situation.

But fear not!

Instead of taking the high road, middle road, or even the expected low-ish road and respecting the life of Armstrong, his family, and the situation, BRAVO has decided to take the greedy lowest of all roads and naturally profit on such a taboo concept.

Instead of NOT airing RHOBH, or at the very least trying to sort of respect the situation and the family… they are going to have a SPECIAL?!?! episode with the reactions of the women regarding his death and focusing on what happened that fateful night.

I’ll be ashamed FOR them.

Puke me. My faith in humanity… and cable television is no longer. But why would anyone expect anything more? 😦

E! News Report


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