What would you do?

8 Sep

So, I recently experienced one of the most grueling interview processes known to man… which I failed… not shocking due to my overwhelmingly AWESOME social skills and both pleasant and politically correct demeanor, as well as extremely non-existent love for alcohol.

Bwahahahaha. Just jokes.

But while I was speaking with these dozen (or 1200 dozen people it felt like) during this interview, one perplexing question was asked over half the time.

“Besides this job, if you could have any job in the world, ANY, what would it be??”

You mean like a dream?? Haven’t you heard dreams were crushed simultaneously with the fall of the economy and the educational movement that a bachelor’s degree is the new High School diploma. Awesome. Plus, I’m still desperate for dental… and to move out of my parents house.

Dreams aren’t high on the list….

But thank you for asking.

And then I thought about it. What would I do if I could do anything in the whole world? And the answer: Well after I won the lottery, bought my own island, and went to the dentist… I have no freaking clue.

And the more I thought about this the more I realized that we have totally become out of touch with true fulfillment and real aspirations in this ever soul sucking… universe. Why? Because it’s not reality. Reality is 8-5 and then the real party starts at home when I’m too exhausted to find something on basic cable or to cook anything above two minutes in the microwave without a plastic film cover over it. 

But why aren’t dreams more reality?? The reality we are living in isn’t really making anyone all that happy it seems. People are going through the motions… not successfully, with the unemployment rate. And perhaps the realistic dreams we have are just more soul sucking, but wrapped in a prettier package.

I think there needs to be more quests for who we really are, what we really like, and want we REALLY want to do.

People settle but why? We are all gonna die aren’t we?? And I don’t plan on taking anything with me… besides my Fendi boots, winning personality, and hope for the next life that I come back as an overfed house dog to a bajillionaire. 😉

Perhaps we need more Eat, Pray, Love, and less “Well, since I’m here, it sounds fine.”

The most this question has taught me is that I know nothing about myself. Now what.

PS Still seeking employment… and dental.


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