Quack, Quack and Say Cheese.

13 Sep

WTF?!?!? is up with the constant duck faces that are taking over photographs, poses, and general facial demeanor.

It is a travesty.

AND Facebook is conveniently providing the DREAM channel for 24/7 duck face possibilities. Some people have EVERY picture dedicated to the quest for the perfect duck face, all the while generally looking like a slut, looking stupid, and looking really, really… ugly. It’s like the Blue Steel of the 21st century… but waaaaaaay worse.

I’ve never looked at a duck and thought “Oh man! I wish I could look like THAT! Yes pleeeaassseee.” But apparently I’m not in sync with a majority of the female population who utilize this face (I guess?) as a mating call to attract their male counterparts online. The duck face epidemic is spreading faster than STD’s… and I have a strong suspicion that the two are most likely intertwined.

I wonder who started this trend?? I want to slap them across their duck face. Call me old fashion but smiling (or even just looking pissed off) seems a lot more normal and EASIER than the lip pout, nostril flare that is involved in duck face production. Add some caked on make-up… and gentlemen watch out! The ‘quacks’ are comin’ for ya! 😉

You know how if you keep your eyes crossed for too long they might stick? Same rules apply to the duck face.

Just say no!


One Response to “Quack, Quack and Say Cheese.”

  1. Sarah September 14, 2011 at 5:55 AM #

    Blue stone = blue steel? 😛

    Yeah duck faces… they’re fucking awful.

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