Go Big (ger) or Stay Home

14 Sep

I know you have heard it before, but it REALLY IS true. When shopping for clothes it doesn’t matter about the number size!!! I cannot reinforce this idea enough.

Those numbers are BS anyways and it is a well-known fact that clothiers label clothes smaller just so all the obese, fat, overweight, hefty and “big-boned” people in the world feel better about themselves because “by george! they fit into a smaller size! Those morning doughnuts, and afternoon potato chip snack diets MUST be working!! Cheeseburger to celebrate anyone??”

NO. NO. NO. Pay attention to the cut and the fit. A little loose is ALWAYS better than a little tight (as well as ALOT tight…Unless it’s going to MAJORLY stretch after you wear it…and unless you are going for the sausage look…then, by all means squeeze away!). 

You WILL look smaller when your clothes fit correctly or are a little bigger (I promise!!)… and an added bonus… you have room to grow into them on those “bloated/retaining water/big-boned” days. 😉

It’s ok to part with those skinny jeans from ten years ago… or that favorite pre-tire tee from middle school. Trust me. And now is a great time shop for new pieces, with the holidays coming up and cold weather wear to hide your wobbly bits.

*Brought to you by the Foundation for Clothes Fitting Properly and The Fight Against the Sausage and Muffin Top Looks.


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