No Babies, Just the Fetal Position

11 Oct

SO I haven’t been blogging like normally because A) I have made a life changing decision recently that has sucked all my brain activity into concentrated bouts of panic which usually turns into a fetal position meltdown followed by a euphoric sense of confidence in my decision. This is most likely due to the fact that my decision is 1) completely right, 2) completely wrong, or 3) all signs point to “I need a therapist.”

And B) I have been involved in something called “professional development days” at my current “day job”  and have decided 1) not only am I severely underdeveloped professionally… but 2) I also have no desire to be developed in such a “professional” way… and 3) it’s really cutting into my writing time.

Back to the life changing decision.

It got me wondering. In  this life everyone has varied opinions on a little thing called the future. Some call it destiny or fate, others believe in higher powers, and others believe they have the control. Any way you put it, I believe that “our lives our defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss” (I got that from the Curious Case of Benjamin Button… Brad Pitt is SO smart.) So yeah, maybe that means I believe in fate, but the current fetal position would prove otherwise. 😉 I believe damn near everything is an opportunity (which is perhaps why I have such a hard time saying no)…the people we meet, the routes we take, the dreams we believe in,… and of course what we wear.  Whether we take these opportunities, create these opportunities or say no to the opportunities, I find that our paths are directly affected by these decisions. But it’s the created opportunities that take the most courage… and come with the most anxiety (Insert fetal position). Because are you creating your own destiny? And is it the wrong path? Others would argue that you are simply making and creating the decisions based on a pre-determined outcome and you are just “following” one of a series of possible paths.

It’s literally like standing at a ‘Y’ in the road and KNOWING that whichever way you pick will completely change your entire journey…a.k.a. LIFE!

Maybe we do end up at the same conclusion to the story, but it’s the story that’s getting us there, right?

So, what’s your story? And what opportunities are not being taken, or not being missed… or not being created?

No matter you’re opinion, I really feel that life altering decisions should be made much MORE hastily in order to not have to agonize about the outcome for an unnecessary amount of time. Life should be like a band-aid. Quick and painless, with a little bit of anxiety sprinkled in.


One Response to “No Babies, Just the Fetal Position”

  1. Erin October 11, 2011 at 11:19 PM #

    I LOVE Barney. And of course your post. And your blog. And….you!

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