Friend Is As Friend Does.

17 Oct

What is happening to friendships in the 21st century? They seem to be becoming more and more “filler.” Finding four girlfriends similar to your favorite Sex and the City characters is about as easy as finding a way to remove The Jersey Shore… from the Earth…FOR-EV-VER.

Perhaps the struggles come with the knowledge of knowing more of what we want, who we like… and age. And the older we get, the more loyal and understanding of our world we become, thus leading to the will to surround ourselves with quality, not quantity. And in turn be that type of quality person for others that we seek.

Color. Me. Wrong.

I personally blame technology and the lack of morals that comes with not having to tell “friends” to their face that you have decided to stand them up or never respond to their messages… because “hey, I never got your text message”… or “my phone didn’t ring”… or “I’ve just been so busy.” Lame. We all make time for the things that are important to us.

People can be whoever they want to be in the cyber world. They can portray themself a certain way and fabricate an image based on pictures, quotes, texts, and likes/dislikes. No one is held accountable for their actions and they don’t have to deal with the consequences of a disappointed look or an upset voicemail. It’s all text-based and it’s proving to be the perfect channel to stifle emotions that come with caring for others and bringing about truth.  

But come on! Don’t we all want people we can count on and be honest with. I’m talking REAL relationships, not online relationships. The only good thing about online friends is that there’s less chance for them to let you down… and you can stalk them whenever the urge presents itself of course. 😉  Standing people up you are supposed to love and only being there for someone to fulfill a self-centered agenda doesn’t  seem like a friendship at all. And blaming marriage or babies or work or time for the lack of effort is just another cop-out to a long list of excuses.

Then again if you are a good friend, you will take the good with the bad and love those you have chosen to surround yourself with no matter what. However, when is the right time to stick up for YOU and take a stand for more REALness and less text chatter, demanding a quality relationship and not just filler BS? 

Perhaps in the end it seems the general consensus is, partial friends are better than no friends at all…

or are they?


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