Crappy Clooney

20 Oct

This must be his secret mating dance to snagging all the hot women.

I think George Clooney is starting to redefine the definition of an asshole. And he’s flaunting his killer skills… on every red carpet, in every country, and in every magazine. And these women just flock to him like they’re gonna be different than the last. But it’s the EXACT same scenario… and it all starts with his boat on Lake Como… 

Plus, he has announced his plan publicly to remain a bachelor until death… which is nearing with every new woman. 

A pattern has definitely been established ladies, let’s cut the crap on the shock and hurt when shit goes south.

I used to be down with his playboy ways and brushed it off as picky and independent. But now he is starting to wear women like sweaters. Once he’s done with one he can always go buy another when the new season runways have presented better updated versions. But he does the same things with each of them… It’s a like the same tune just a different day… or lady. Deja Vu. 

And I mean I was totally down with his handsomeness…especially in the Ocean’s movies may I point out… but we have now hit 50, gravity is looming its dark head, bringing tackiness with it (as well as the ability to be a grandfather)… and he’s starting to look skeezy, as the women get younger and the transition periods get shorter.

Is anyone else getting the impression that he’s got a plan B, C, D…Z even before his current flavor just doesn’t taste right anymore or it’s expiration date has passed??  😦

Don’t do it George… I really want to like you!


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