Door 1,2,3…??

21 Oct

There is one issue that is plaguing the world.. it is like the Rubik’s cube of societal issues.

Which bathroom stall is the least used? Therefore making it the least susceptible to carrying the following issues: hepatitis A,B, C- Z, clogging, pee particles, AIDS, and/ or butt sweat… as well as resulting in which stall holds the coveted full TP roll.

I have pondered this for years. YEARS!

There are known habits that people do when entering a retail establishment… they always go right… do these same rules apply to the stall? What if there is no right!!? 

Are the ones closest to the wall most trafficked, or possibly are you safer going towards the middle…

Are handicapped stalls most coveted? And are you an asshole for using them?? What if a handicapped person is caught waiting for your rude ass (no pun intended 😉 ) to get out of their wheelchair accessible stall? Now, not only are you having to consider germs, but also those less fortunate! Talk about anxiety.

I have a hard enough time overcoming my public restroom stage fright, and incorporating politically correctness into the mix sends my bladder into freak out mode.

Lucky for me a recent article came out this week that confirms my fears… we’re all gonna die from public restroom disgustingness.


This Map + Afore Mentioned Article= Hold it FOREVER.


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