Hello, Nice to meet you… What is your IQ?

31 Oct

Is there a stigma that goes with education and finding a life partner? I have a master’s degree… am considering a PhD… and can’t seem to date anyone without a criminal record and a GED (this is also a testament to how furthering your education can highlight your bad decisions). What are the rules with your education level and the types of people you are suited for?

Should the rules change with the more you know?

If you have a PhD should you only date someone with an IQ of  at LEAST 200 😉 or someone with the equivalent PhD degree, or perhaps just someone off the cast of the Big Bang Theory? What if you are a woman does that change the stakes? Or perhaps it’s just about settling. If you have a higher education, is it wrong to play in the slumps with those less educated, will the interest sustain over time, or should you try to find someone who has an intelligence to match or exceed your own?

Or perhaps it seems in my case… is there an average education level when you combine two people. One person never finished high school and the other has one bachelor’s, 2 1/2 masters and an honorary Doctorate (I call rediculousness… just cause you’re a celebrity it doesn’t make you smart… it makes you rich… honorary doctorate’s should be banned from society)… does that make the couple a combined level equivalent to 2 1/4 bachelor’s (don’t mind the math)?

So many questions.


One Response to “Hello, Nice to meet you… What is your IQ?”

  1. Mom October 31, 2011 at 12:21 PM #

    you are assuming intelligence and education are some how linked….

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