“But Mooooommmmmmm…”

8 Nov

My whole life I have been painfully concerned of what my parents thought. Boys, work, what I wear, what I say, what I like/don’t like, decisions I make… I’m gonna go clean my room now. 

I blame it on being the oldest… and my yet-to-be-diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder.

However, this crippling defect has led me to be wrought with anxiety (as well as uncontrollable uptightness and borderline insanity)… my entire life.

When is it supposed to stop? 26 and living with my parents makes it a lot harder to see out of the bubble and realize. Oh yeah, I’m 26… not 12. This curse trait has also led them to move their opinions from their mouths to their eyes so as not to unleash the beast of my crazy self-defending opinions, while simultaneously making my insanity anxiety ever so abundant due to the fact that I don’t know what they’re thinking and my negative positive outlook helps me to imagine the absolute worst.

I come from a background that is most definitely unconventional. I’m also living in an unconventional job market coupled with my unconventional personality as a drifter whose passion for wanderlust has driven me back to unconventionally living at home. Did I mention I’m 26? 😉

With many others also experiencing the second round of shacking-up with the rents and trying to find a personal path, when is it time to stop taking into account what “those people” who created you think; taking their advice literally as advice instead of orders like on a to-do list of chores that you got when you were 8?

 How does one find their own way when they are so close to their lifeline, trying to find their own life? Where is that happy medium to living independently in your parents world house?

And how does one not offend or be offended when opposing sides wield their evil opinions and there is nowhere to go but home?

There is a line between being an adult and being a daughter. If you find it let me know.


One Response to ““But Mooooommmmmmm…””

  1. Mom November 8, 2011 at 2:53 PM #

    I think this should be titled But Daddddddd!

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