1/2 price for what?!? I’ll take 86.

9 Nov

He's as impressed as you are.

With the downturn of the economy and people pinching their hard-earned pennies… if they are fortunate to have a job that will let them earn them… the looming holidays are more looming and less holiday for some of us more than usual.

However, have no fear, I have a solution if… if someone would freaking listen to me.

There are so many Groupon and Living Social type services out there… so many that my spam account cup runneth over… at least one account in my life runneth over… amirite?? 

Now, I have bought a few things off these sites and think they are really awesome… most of the time. “No, thank you… I’ll jump off a building pass on that 3 session hand knit scarfing class”… but the real problem is, if you ever wanted to give one as a gift… can you spell T-A-C-K-Y??

They are always print-out coupons, in black and white most likely (GET EXCITED! 2011!!) with the value and then how much you actually spent on them. It’s like secretly shopping in the clearance section, scouring the item for hidden price tags, sharpie-ing out every possible smudge of a number on the item, and then having the nearest two-year-old rat you out and inform the entire room that it’s not called cheap it’s called “frugal.” Damn kids, getcha everytime.

So “Groupon,” “Living Social,” “Half Price Deals,” and the red-hot, up and coming “I’ll trade you my left pinky finger for that 50% off massage and spa package”… I think you would make a lot more money if you would offer your deals with the “gift” option which includes a little more discretion in the printing packaging… or hell throw in a Christmas inspired coupon gift card with an envelope and a pretty sticker and your success is sealed.

I would shop there.

(And as of 11/18/11 I now realize this IS possible and indeed reality. Behind on the news again! *facepalm)


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