You have a fiance???? I was hoping you would say that.

10 Nov

Raise your hand if you have ever been cheated on. Now raise your hand if you have ever been the cheater. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever been the “other” person with the cheater.

Raise them high. I don’t see any…


Cheating is becoming a very prominent characteristic to our…world. People do it. People are victims of it, many times unaware of the situation.

But what are the rules when it comes to being an active participant in a scandalous affair that you didn’t even know existed? People are crafty in their secrets and forgetting you had a girlfriend/boyfriend, fiance, wife/husband seems to be an easy detail to “slip” some people’s minds… “Oh yeah, that ring on my finger is a promise ring… the promise I would find someone as amazing as you… and that day has finally come”…. 3 months later… “Oh, by the way…” Holy awkward conversation.

In the aftermath, however, what steps are to be taken if you yourself have been a victim of cheating on someone without your knowledge? Do you become active in letting the innocent party know, crushing happily ever after dreams and destroying a stranger’s life?  Or do you just let it all go and hope it all comes out eventually… maybe they are even aware of the “situation” they have signed up for? Perhaps you just pick up the phone or “accidentally run-into them” and chit-chat about the weather until the truth vomit takes over (then you can be best friends forever after… awwww)? What does that make you? Crazy. It makes you crazy.

Unknowingly being the other person poses several morality issues and ethical dilemmas that oftentimes were never even asked for. Being thrust into such a sticky situation possibly makes you a victim, too… right? 

I think there is a right and wrong in this situation, but how do you right a wrong situation when you don’t even know the person who needs to be righted or how the situation got so wrong to begin with? You were just having a nice crazy, quiet drunk girls night out to celebrate the Christmas season minding your own business and BAM! the devil in a single person’s clothing  most amazing person you ever met came out of NOWHERE and decided to help you in obtaining your “holiday cheer.”  Does that make you innocent? And are you wronging the wronged by offering up information that is going to shatter their once flawless relationship existence?  

I hate you life.

I’m going with the answer to all this gray area is “Karma’s a bitch.”

PS All the above is completely made up and fictional and strictly inquisitive and there is no possible way I would know anything at all about such a horrible and tragic topic that I would not wish on anyone. ANYONE! *facepalm


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