18 Nov

Steve Jobs was awesome. We all saw something happening in him and in Apple and still can’t conceive what the full impact it will have on our world and the endless possibilities for centuries to come.

But what a way to go!

Jobs did something only the extremely blessed and genius can do… be known as a genius and innovator BEFORE he died, catapulting him to the similar AHHmazing level of Greek Gods,  lightbulbs, pop tarts, and Polly Pocket .

Nice jobs. 😉

But I have something to get off my chest. With all the genius that comes with the Ipads, Ipods, Iphones, Iwhatevers….and all the tweaks and updates that we all go through as loyal customers very routinely… what about tweaking the freaking predictive text!!!

If I have anymore  Camo tote cameltoe, preparing pregnancy, pissed hissed, duuuuude shatter, haircut hairycunts, snoring pooping, kitties titties, dumping jumping, fairy farts, or damn donuts showing up  in my initial conversations as well as the following 3-10 attempts at correcting myself I’m gonna FREAK. OUT.

I know that the prediction feature is supposed to “learn” the words you use… but I think I got the (dirty) Forrest Gump of Iphone “learners.” There’s even a chance it is haunted because it will change the word AFTER I hit send. Yay.  

At least I guess it provides a very funny outlet for those bored at work. Which of course doesn’t include moi…

This is a very serious and tragic issue affecting our society and people’s mental well-being. Attention needs to be paid!

PS I’m not ducking around.


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